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A B O U T    U S

It all started in a foundry & gilding workshop in the very heart of Paris.

Alain gilder, heir of the 'savoir faire' dating back to 1890, and Sylvie designer, made Fashion Jewellery and Accessories for their Haute Couture customers and young Designers. 

When they arrived in the South of France in 2004, a new adventure began with the creation of the Nikki D'Oggi brand.

The design of jewellery-inspired rings and their sale was a first in Saint Tropez.

Influenced by the Mediterranean landscapes and the lifestyle, the adventure continued with the creation of Beach Tunics. 

Inspired by and designed in Saint Tropez, the models are made in Italy, from the choice of the fabric to the dyeing of the garments.

Charlotte, their daughter, who fell under the magical spell of India, participates in the creation of the collections during her travels. Travelling that inspires each new collection. 

Nikki d'Oggi uses all the manufacturing techniques around the world to imagine and create original items. 

Respect for tradition, love of fine work, the quest for bohemian elegance are the guide lines of the Nikki D'Oggi house. 


Behind the scenes of Nikki D'oggi between inspirations, creations and pastel color.

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